01. Clients

Our customers are out to change the world


It's a games wagering token, a trade, and wallet, yet why stop there - they've likewise procured 7 other wagering stages and hit 1,000,000 dynamic clients over their system.


Virtuse is democratizing the $300 trillion universe of conventional ventures. Through a crypto-wrapper called a DACT, they're tokenizing resources like oil, gold, and carbon discharges — resources beforehand distant to everything except the well off.


Something beyond Brazil's most up to date, quickest crypto trade with the least exchange charges, Criptohub brings crypto to dealer installments in Brazil, a country with more than 5000 bitcoins purchased and sold at regular intervals.


Not every person has a financial balance, yet almost everybody has a cell phone. With crypto, Treon carries portable utility installments to the "unbanked", taking care of serious issues in second and third world nations.


Introducing the age of the substance maker, Regium brings the straightforwardness, security, and trustless keen agreements of blockchain (in light of EOSIO) to computerized sovereignties.


Bethereum consolidates next-level gamification, prevalent UX, convenience with the FUN of sportsbetting with companions. Extraordinary appraisals and surveys from famous influencers pushed this mind boggling stage.


Worlbli is the extension between major monetary foundations and blockchain. By putting administrative consistence most importantly, Worbli empowers profoundly directed ventures to make the bounce into blockchain.


Worked by experienced gold dealers, Novem is the arrangement that gold purchasers and treatment facilities will embrace. Quick exchange speeds, Swiss gold stockpiling, and gold that you can take conveyance on is currently in reach.

Peer Mountain

We base most of our choices on trust. Companion Mountain tokenized it and prizes clients for their dependability. Organizations, even governments, will utilize it to make frictionless and irrefutable business.

02. Solutions

Why CryptoAffs ?

Live Trading Webinars

Hosting monthly trader events, webinars and various sponsored educational packages

Endless Reach

1.2B (Billion!) users are available in our massive inventory for direct-targeting for any vertical.

High ROI

Ensuring possitive ROI to all our advertiser, whoever they are.

24/5 Support

Live multilingual 24/5 CS from offices all over the world.

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03. Testimonials

Information. Speed. Comms.

is focused on building enduring connections in blockchain.
"CryptoAffs knowledge of the blockchain space is bar none."
As the blockchain technology, which supports not only cryptocurrency but many other business applications, matures, we are already seeing the real value emerge. We are big supporters of privacy, security, and mostly — of valuable content.

Marcy Kelly

VP of Marketing, Regium

"It was a real pleasure to work with CryptoAffs."
Seeing its impact and application first-hand, I would go so far as to say that blockchain’s disruptive technology can be compared to the early emergence of the Internet. They were both widely disputed and mistrusted innovations initially although they gained huge attention and acceptance afterwards.

Giacomo Tognoni

CEO, Bethereum

"Their level of response and dedication is remarkable and commended."
Marketing aspect of the blockchain industry is much more demanding and alternative than that of other industries. On top of the standard marketing services in terms of social media presence, copywriting, media buy, PPC campaign, and link building, there is a whole different sphere to be taken into account - business development.

Hesham Elmetainy

Founder, Treon

"Everyone lets me know what they're working on, so I am always in the know."
I know of a couple agencies that have really talented people, but what sets you guys apart is how up-to-date you keep me, the client. That's a very different experience even when compared to the top agencies we have here in Norway.

Andreas Kalties

Head of Marketing, Novem

"Working with Zage is like speeding your marketing/sales team with a space-rocket."
They understand & breath digital marketing and are up to date on the latest tools and trends in the market while leveraging marketing fundamentals. It is not common to find an agency you can have a proper one to one and speak that same language while learning from them. A fast-paced, proactive and knowledgeable team of professionals ready to sort out any of your marketing/sales challenges.

Marc Garriga

Head of Marketing, Peer Mountain

"Zage offers a powerful suite of tools that every marketing team must have."
We developed a great partnership with the Zage team, and their dedication to digital marketing is evident in all aspect of our communication. We appreciate their attention to detail, creative approach to bringing our new exchange to live online. They have enabled us, coached us and given us the confidence to share Virtuse‘s story widely.

Ras Vasilisin

Founder & CEO, Virtuse

"The Zage team more than keeps up and are extremely responsive to our changing needs."
The world of blockchain is extremely fast-moving and really expects a lot out the teams building dApps and platforms. The Zage team more than keeps up and are extremely responsive to our changing needs. They really set themselves apart from the pack by being both agile and knowledgeable - hugely helpful in our success.

Sam Russell

EVP Strategy & Partnerships, Worbli

04. Services

An armory of demonstrated showcasing methodologies

We help STO, IEO, and blockchain organizations get more cash-flow through clever information driven showcasing.

Email Marketing

Email showcasing keeps on being one of the best strategies for advertising your business.

influencer Marketing

We can drive bona fide discussion and commitment around your image's items and message utilizing our tremendous system of crypto influencers.


CryptoAffs grows elegantly composed, change first plans to make wins crosswise over focused crowds.


Put your image at the core of the news, make a great open picture and increment your notoriety. Impact your intended interest group feeling and conduct.

Pay Per Click

Get custom PPC review and procedure, and perceive how our specialists will expand your income. Complete PPC straightforwardness – you generally approach visit account.

Content Marketing

Crypto showcasing is just as powerful as the substance encompassing it. We will ensure that you are recounting to the story your clients need to hear.

Programmatic Advertising

Mechanize your advertisement going through with automatic publicizing. Include personalization and execution at scale and arrive at your genuine clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Lift your natural traffic. We characterize and execute imaginative SEO methodologies, including watchword examine, third party referencing and specialized counseling.

Education & Webinars

Hosted live trading webinars available once per month for our traders and sponsor brokers. Guiding traders with the newest trading methods in the market.

05. TEAM

Our Team

CryptoAffs is loaded with shrewd, driven individuals who care about completing things, and the connections we construct. We put forth a valiant effort to surpass our client's desires, consistently in time.

Raemond Tulane
Co-Founder + Strategy
Opal Colby
Head of Blockchain Marketing
Marianne London
Philip Jones

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